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You, Lover

Posted in The Poet by supriya on February 26, 2010

You lover, are like a myth

You have traveled down the paths of my anscestors

You have curled inwards in the palms of children

When they squish wet sand between their fingers;

And when the hornet’s nests’ were stirred

You rose up like a longing in my throat

And in that parched delirium

I craved you like water.

You lover, are the being of ghosts

And we were star crossed because you chose

Neither to be born, nor be fully alive

You chose the starcrossed inbetween;

When the passion is stirred, you wake up

Yawning like a lazy moon

And flit like a dream does in the arms of a nightmare

You whisper… hunger more.

You lover, are beloved. And unforgiven.